The Space Between serves as a medium to create a specific uplifting and transformative effect upon the consciousness of our audience. Through art and music events, entertainment and advocacy, it is our mission to harness the power of these mediums to affect real change around the world. Our pillars include music events fused with sustainable and humanitarian initiatives, a deeply personal and radically real podcast touching on unconventional topics, and grassroots advocacy projects ranging from mental health awareness to combating homelessness.

We stand as a bridge to connect people around the world, inspire exchanges about our responsibilities as a global family and deepen the conversation about who we are as human beings from the material to the spiritual and all that exists in the space between.

Joseph “Joey” Nittolo was raised in the streets of Los Angeles, California in the 1970s. Growing up he engaged in the lifestyle of a street kid – dabbling in drugs, illegal activities, hustling and hanging with the wrong groups of people. His family was also a product of their environment, having a mother and father who was a PIMP and heroin addict. His world was a reflection of poverty and constantly living in a state of survival.

At the age of 25, Joey’s sense for something greater motivated him to focus on changing his life by way of financial success. He promised himself that he would lay a new foundation to remove his life from the streets and become a provider for his family in ways he never had growing up. He pursued multiple business leveraging the intuition he gained from the streets and began a successful career spanning real estate and film production. While shifting his attention to the pursuit of financial aspiration, Joey’s tunnel vision for success allowed an expansive career. He produced several motion pictures, including “A Man Apart”, starring Vin Deisel and Larenz Tate, and “Pool Hall Junkies”, starring Christopher Walkin and Chazz Palminteri. Joey got married, had four beautiful children and started the family he had always envisioned as a child.

In 2017 Joey went through a drastic change. He began experiencing things he couldn’t process. He started hearing voices from those who have transitioned, developed new clairvoyant abilities and began predicting events and happenings in his life. He received clear verbal messages with information about humanity, consciousness, the earth and more. Joey found it difficult to explain and communicate the rapid changes happening within himself. His family struggled to understand the sudden transformation and after a year of managing, they admitted him into a mental institution. Joey did not respond well to the systems and operations of being in 5150. He refused the medication and it was during this time Joey realized what was happening – that this was beyond a perceived ‘mental illness.’ This was something different. His family found it difficult to cope with the increasing intensity of his awakening leading to a separation from his wife and children.

As Joey knew he had to follow the calling, he sought the guidance of those who had walked the path before him. Kundalini Yoga found Joey and it proved to be the only effective channel for managing his powerful awakening. Joey headed East to India to seek more clarity and information about the awakening taking place. It was there that the inspiration behind The Space Between manifested.

Joey’s mission with The Space Between is to be a voice encouraging us to freely and openly embrace the many things that make us human, to understand ourselves in the non-linear space and celebrate who we are from the material to the spiritual. As someone who was dismissed as mentally ill and noticing the many awakenings taking place with some of our most popular and beloved artists, musicians, thought leaders and more, The Space Between serves as a bridge to expand the conversation of mental health, awareness, spirituality and create new definitions of how we exist in the world.

Joseph Nittolo

Founder “The Space Between”


TSB Podcast Guest Hosts

Founder of GuerillaOne & Originating Member of The Seventh Letter

Louisville, Kentucky native Eddie Donaldson moved to Los Angeles in 1988 and became involved with the graffiti movement as an alternative to the turbulent gang activity of his generation. Immersed first as an artist amongst diverse L.A. crews like TCF, AWR, and The Seventh Letter, Donaldson had the vision to develop their homegrown graffiti movement into something beyond the streets. His loyalty and business sensibility transformed the graffiti scene and he evolved into the point person for producing art events and exhibitions that inspire and spread the stylistic of southern California art into the world.

In 1998 he successfully integrated L.A. artists RETNA and MEAR ONE with east coast newcomer Shepard Fairey for the historic 01 Gallery exhibit on Melrose. From the beginning, the pre-Banksy times, Donaldson worked with talented fine artists like RISK, ZEPHYR, HAZE, KET, SABER, REVOK, ZES, Ron English, Amanda Lynn, David Choe, and Sage Vaughn. In 2000, his groundbreaking website GuerrillaOne became the first online graffiti portal, uniting the growing subculture globally and changing the landscape for connection amongst artists, fans, and collectors.

By inspiring value in artists as influencers and activists, he has the unique ability to put together the right artists with the right projects to promote next level visual expression. Communicating through fine art online, in galleries, at events, and on the street, Donaldson inspires his culture to grow and shine all over the world.



Yoga & Meditation Instructor, Host, Co-Founder of Return to Kemet

Sarah is a yoga and meditation teacher utilizing sacred wisdom technologies of ancient Egypt. Co-founder of the Kemetic yoga, retreat and wellness collective, Return to Kemet, she has taught Kemetic yoga internationally for retreats, resorts, private lessons and youth facilities. Upon completing her Shamanic-Kemetic yoga training in Luxor, Egypt, Sarah traveled south to Nubia and experienced an ancestral calling to stay and live on the land. Sarah decided to live in Egypt and travel throughout Africa, studying and learning ancient African traditions, philosophies and spirituality. Sarah was inspired to share the knowledge of ancient Africa for the purpose of empowering, educating and ultimately connecting communities and cultures through information, self-practice and awareness. Her yoga classes incorporate ancient Egyptian philosophies, alchemy, natural African oils and stones and African sound vibration techniques.

Sarah also holds a B.A. in Communication and Media Studies and Philosophy from Rutgers University. Before embarking upon a life focused on spirituality, she worked for the independent news magazine Truthdig where she was a writer, host of the weekly live show – Live at Truthdig and also worked at MTV Networks, New York, in the Insights and Innovation Department.

Sarah is based in Cairo, Egypt.



Creator of The Jacy Method, Dynamic Movement Therapist, Group Fitness Instructor & Motivational Speaker

As a former Collegiate football player and performance athlete, Jacy has trained with some of the best performance coaches in the world. When his own football journey ended in 2012, Jacy moved to Eden, Utah, and became the In-House fitness instructor for the famed entrepreneurial conference & start-up Summit Series.

After serving their community for 4 years, Jacy left Summit to travel and create a new movement focused on harnessing self-love through dynamic and therapeutic movements.

From the fall of 2016 to the summer of 2018 Jacy traveled with numerous touring musicians (Mike Posner, DJ Jazzy Jeff), launched his personal brand and class The Jacy Method and signed to Wanderlust Festival as a featured Instructor.

Now residing in Washington DC, Jacy continues to travel, teach, and host at a variety of music and wellness festivals.




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