Bruce Irons x RETNA Collaborate to Raise Funds for Homeless

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Bruce Irons Retna Surf Board

Save Our Souls (SOS) is a community-based nonprofit organization addressing the harsh reality of homelessness in the Greater Los Angeles community. SOS’s mission is to aid and empower men, woman, and children living in displacement across Los Angeles.

To support and bring awareness to local non-profit Community Assistance Resource Team (CART), SOS has brought together both local and national artists to create a one-of-a-kind pop-up gallery at Sorenity Rocks Malibu (3939 Cross Creek Rd. Malibu, CA. 90265). The VIP opening will took place to coincide with the Malibu Guitar Festival 2017.

This prized pop-up gallery at Sorenity Rocks Malibu was open to the public and featured surprise guest DJs. Guests saw original works from top-tier artists such as RETNA who is using the surfboard of renowned pro-surfer Bruce Irons as his canvas in tribute to his late brother and surfing legend Andy Irons. Featured artists included: Aaron Axelrod, Alden Marin, Alec Monopoly, Alison Van Pelt, Andy Moses, Blakhat, Cisco Adler, Cory Osborne, Deanne Else, Dietmar Kohl, James Haunt, Katherine Kousi, Keegan Gibbs, Linda Margaret Kilgore, Lindsey Nobel, Love Crew, Mr. Brainwash, Nicholas Bernard, Norton Wisdom, Patrick Hoelck, RETNA, RISK, Robert Standish, Ryan Campbell, Sage Vaughn, Sheku Kowai, Shepard Fairey, Sonni Pacheco, Steve Olson, Jim Evans aka T.A.Z, and This Means Mar. The art installation encapsulated homelessness with a visual experience seeking to grasp the attention of guests as homelessness is often overlooked in plain sight.

SOS, founded by Joey Nittolo, takes a long-term view of social change with a vision to help the homeless become self-supporting, productive members of the community so that they can use their experience to help others.