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08 May: Episode 21: Stuck in the Mud

The journey of life is complex and full of uncertainty. Many of us can feel stuck at times: in our jobs, relationships, beliefs, image and even in the very construction of ourselves that we project into the world. These pressures are difficult to navigate and often times we feel trapped by these emotions to the point where it doesn’t look like there is any way out.

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02 May: Episode 20: The Hope Dealers

Cain Vincent Dyer has always been driven by a call to serve. After a decorated career in United States Marine Corp he returned home to be faced with severe threats to his family by the Mexican Cartel. Faced with this ticking time bomb he turned to a life of crime becoming “The Kangaroo Bandit” and went on to rob over 100 banks. Living a life of infamy, he reached a critical realization point and knew that he was living out of integrity.

Artist Chaz Guest on the podcast

09 Oct: Episode 18: The Cultural Visionary that is Chaz Guest

A soul of power, respect and royalty, Chaz Guest makes it his mission to tell stories about a history and culture that he has helped to immortalize. Having painted portraits for the Obamas, African presidents and many other prolific figures, he lives his life with discipline, passion and a love for the human experience in its totality.

Adrian Vallera with Joey and Eddie

26 Sep: Episode 17: Adrian Vallera, Reawakening and Remembering

Adrian Vallera is an example of a life led by service. While taking a walk in one of his favorite nature ‘vortexes’, he received a transmission to start DisclosureFest Foundation: a multi-cultural, community-based nonprofit platform uniting heart centered, like-minded people in an effort to raise consciousness, provide education on health and wellness and create awareness of global, environmental and humanitarian initiatives with on-going volunteer based programs.

Artist Brandon Breaux with Joey and Eddie

19 Sep: Episode 16: Brandon Breaux, Designing Life How We Want It to Be

Brandon Breaux is a fine artist from Chicago and the genius behind all 3 of Chance the Rapper’s wildly recognizable mixtape covers. During this episode, Breaux details his journey through his art career starting with ‘going with and against the grain’ by fulfilling his parent’s dream of going to college all the while working and staying true to his real desire of self-expression.

Artist Amanda Sage on the podcast

14 Aug: Episode 12: Visionary Artist Amanda Sage on The Space Between

By the time she turned 24, Amanda Sage had already lived in two different countries, each half a world away from home. Gifted at a young age with the ability to read energy auras and benefiting from a very spiritual and holistic upbringing, Amanda knew early on how to flow with where her life’s journey would take her…