Episode 17: Adrian Vallera, Reawakening and Remembering

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Adrian Vallera is an example of a life led by service. While taking a walk in one of his favorite nature ‘vortexes’, he received a transmission to start DisclosureFest Foundation. The foundation is a community and initiative based nonprofit platform whose sole purpose is to bring communities together by raising our vibrational frequency and consciousness. Adrian’s essence pours through his words, “There’s no time limit for spiritual growth.” During this episode we’re taken into pockets of his life from his interactions with extraterrestrials, his daily spiritual practice of communicating with the earth and the sun, how to deal with ancestral trauma and dark times and his sustainable initiatives and mass meditations. The episode proves to be an opportunity for us to reflect on the ways we can be of service and reawaken our true life’s purpose.

Learn more about DisclosureFest and their environmental and humanitarian initiatives: disclosurefest.org

DisclosureFest and The Space Between have partnered to present Akon Lighting LA, an urban conscious music and art experience coming to DTLA on Nov. 15-16, 2019. Tickets are available now.