Episode 16: Brandon Breaux, Designing Life How We Want It to Be

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Brandon Breaux is a fine artist from Chicago and the genius behind all 3 of Chance the Rapper’s wildly recognizable mixtape covers. During this episode, Breaux details his journey through his art career starting with ‘going with and against the grain’ by fulfilling his parent’s dream of going to college all the while working and staying true to his real desire of self-expression. Ultimately his instinctual decision to stick to his love of art is what led to his success and exploration of self. He takes us through moments of nostalgia, his father’s battle with mental health and his mission of elevating narratives and challenging what people think and see as possible. Breaux clues us into the power we have if we follow our mission, “I can design this thing how I want it to be.”

The conversation between TSB hosts Joey Nittolo and Eddie Donaldson prove to be an inspirational exchange about creating a life that feeds our purpose, pushing through the stigmas and limitations that others place upon us and ultimately letting ‘who we are’ reach our highest potential.

Brandon will be at Akon Lighting LA on Nov. 15-16 with his installation, “On the Line”, and will be speaking on the art, spirituality and mental health discussion panel with Amanda Sage, Chaz Guest and Emmanuel Kelly. The art show will kick off with a screening of the short documentary, “Let This Be Therapy” by Anthony Casanova (as seen at The San Francisco Black Film Festival, Collected Voices Film Festival, Black History Month Film Festival and Spikes Asia Awards Singapore), that chronicles Brandon’s mission to change the negative perception of South Side Chicago through his art, as the deadline for his first exhibition in Singapore looms. Tickets to Akon Lighting LA are available now.


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