Episode 22: The Spiritual Journey of Chad Muska: A Sketchbook, a Skateboard, and a Dream

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Episode Summary

Chad Muska is a legendary Professional Skateboarder and entrepreneur. From an early age his passion for riding in Southern California admitted him to a then outcast community of other future street legends. Heralded as “one of the most marketable pros skateboarding has ever seen” he became a cultural icon helping bringing the sport to the main stream. Success can be a hard pill to swallow and he found himself at crossroads in the form of a spiritual shift. Embarking down a path of sobriety, his passions have turned towards philanthropy and art, and continues to skateboard.

Join hosts Sarah Wes and Eddie Donaldson founder of Guerilla One and collaborator with The Seventh Letter street art movement discuss spirituality, transformation, and channeling spirit into art with Legend Chad Muska.

Hosts: Eddie Donaldson and Sarah Wes