Episode 19: Emmanuel Kelly, Love is the Only Thing Thicker Than Blood

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Found in a shoebox as an infant by two soldiers on opposing sides in war-torn Iraq with no identification, birth certificate or passport and “severely underdeveloped limbs” due to chemical warfare, Emmanuel Kelly was not supposed to be alive. The soldiers took Emmanuel to the orphanage, and after hearing about him and his brother, Australian humanitarian worker, Moira Kelly, flew to the Mother Teresa Orphanage in Baghdad and adopted them. They relocated to Australia and started a new life. Years later and encouraged to audition for The X Factor, he stunned audiences with his incredible rendition of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ and now he’s performing alongside Coldplay and inspiring people around the world.

Emmanuel Kelly is breaking barriers and proving to us that we are capable of all that we dream. In this podcast episode, he takes us through his triumphs, hardships and some of the incredible work he is doing. Alongside co-hosts Joey Nittolo and Eddie Donaldson, they explore ideas about manifestation, determination and finding success against all odds.

Emmanuel’s newly launched Virtuoso Foundation promotes inclusion, diversity and equality in the world of art and provides educational and artistic grants and mentorship to minority groups within our society, including differently-abled individuals, LGBTQIA, and other marginalized groups.

You can catch Emmanuel at Akon Lighting LA on Nov. 15, where he’ll be debuting a song with Paul Oakenfold and is a featured speaker on that evening’s panel discussion about art, the creative process and spirituality. Tickets are available now.