Episode 20: The Hope Dealers

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Cain Vincent Dyer has always been driven by a call to serve. After a decorated career in United States Marine Corp he returned home to be faced with severe threats to his family by the Mexican Cartel. Faced with this ticking time bomb he turned to a life of crime becoming “The Kangaroo Bandit” and went on to rob over 100 banks. Living a life of infamy, he reached a critical realization point and knew that he was living out of integrity. He turned himself in voluntarily and served 9 years in the state penitentiary, where he became known as “The Peacemaker” for the respect he commanded from all racial groups inside. He was released early for these deeds and has transformed his life to be a service to all as a life coach, inspirational speaker, and cause champion.

Guest: Cain Vincent Dyer