Artist Amanda Sage with Joey and Eddie


We continue the theme of “lifting the veil” in part two of our conversation with artist Amanda Sage and go deeper on the subjects of art and consciousness. Joey shares more about his grieving process after the recent passing of his mother, and how she now communicates with him and makes him laugh from the afterlife. Amanda tells the story of her first vision quest in the Canyonlands at the age of 13, how she uses her painting workshops to teach people how to become more present, and talks about her connection to artist Alex Grey and the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors.

Being of service is the common ground, and the three plant seeds for future collaborations right on the podcast, starting with the upcoming Akon Lighting LA art show to benefit ACISTE on November 15-16, 2019. Amanda is a guest speaker on the art, spirituality and mental health discussion panel, will perform a live painting on opening night, and is bringing her “Vision Train” for a kids’ painting workshop on the morning of Nov. 16. Tickets are available now.