Episode 18: The Cultural Visionary that is Chaz Guest

By October 9, 2019July 24th, 2020No Comments


A soul of power, respect and royalty, Chaz Guest makes it his mission to tell stories about a history and culture that he has helped to immortalize. Having painted portraits for the Obamas, African presidents and many other prolific figures, he lives his life with discipline, passion and a love for the human experience in its totality. “It’s a very fortunate living and I think you only get to do that when you are eager to tell the truth.”

The conversation floats into magical moments of his time living in Japan, synchronistic happenings like when he met Michelle Obama and the depth and inspiration behind some of his most notable works. Chaz Guest is a visionary of art, culture and of the soul. A true inspiration about breaking through the labels that are cast upon us, existing exactly how we want to on our own terms and documenting culture for those that come after us. This episode is sure to leave you feeling ignited, grounded and ready to live in a place of purpose, wonder and passion.

Chaz Guest will appear in the art show for Akon Lighting LA on Nov. 15-16, 2019, to perform a live painting as well as to speak on a discussion panel about art, spirituality and mental health. Tickets are available now.